Friday, March 25, 2005

101 in 1,001

This list is by no means an original idea and has been hi-jacked from the incredibly awsome Highwaygirl and various other blogs, who most likely got the idea from someone likely to have faded into obscurity. Ideas were also taken from the book 101 Things To Do Before You Die.

The point of this list is simple. List 101 things to accomplish in 1,001 days, which is equivalent to around 3 years. Once a task is completed the list is updated and the date and location is recorded (and the line made bold). So here goes nothing.

    1.   Glue various coins down to the pavement and observe someone attempting to pick them up

    2.   Finish writing my novel

    3.   Sneak something into the country illegally and not get caught

    4.   Cross the English Channel

    5.   Graffiti something in a very public place

    6.   Bungie jump

    7.   Join an international relief organization

    8.   Stand on the international dateline

    9.   Complete a coast to coast roadtrip across the country

    10.  See an erupting volcano

    11.  Travel to Australia and hang out with kangaroos while intoxicated

    12.  Get a tattoo

    13.  Get my own place

    14.  Buy furniture

    15.  Write Grannybell's eulogy (Written on 05JUN18, Point O' Woods NY)

    16.  Fly over an ocean.

    17.  Purchase glasses I actually like

    18.  Shout "Drinks are on me!" in a pub or bar

    19.  Swim in a fountain

    20.  See The Foo Fighters in concert

    21.  Buy a designer suit

    22.  Have something held in escrow

    23.  Create a personal property memorandum for my will

    24.  Run with the bulls

    25.  Try escargot

    26.  Get my teeth whitened

    27.  Gain 10 lbs

    28.  Subscribe to an obscure magazine

    29.  Drive a Ferarri

    30.  Do my taxes on time (E-Filed using TurboTax on 11APR05)

    31.  Get my wisdom teeth removed

    32.  Ask a random girl out to dinner

    33.  Wear a watch for more than a week

    34.  Finish the The New York Times crossword puzzle

    35.  Participate in a lineup

    36.  See the Aurora Borealis

    37.  Attend a family reunion

    38.  Move my blog to my website

    39.  Become rated

    40.  Kiss someone at an airport

    41.  Workout everyday for a month

    42.  Demonstrate for a cause

    43.  Attend a real football match in Europe

    44.  Crowd surf

    45.  Go backstage at a concert

    46.  Save $5,000 dollars in my savings account

    47.  Go on a Eurotrip

    48.  Stay in a hostel

    49.  French kiss a French girl

    50.  Buy something at Starbucks and not feel like I'm being overcharged

    51.  Sleep in a location that is 3,000 ft. above sea level

    52.  Do 100 push-ups

    53.  Take part in a clinical study

    54.  Eat breakfast for dinner

    55.  Wrestle with someone

    56.  Aquire the second season of the OC on DVD

    57.  Stick it to the man

    58.  Celebrate an obscure holiday

    59.  Have wine and cheese

    60.  Visit a museum

    61.  Learn how to snowboard

    62.  Write a point paper

    63.  Remember the real name of China Beer

    64.  Start a book list

    65.  Sleep away an entire day

    66.  Smile and mean it

    67.  Smile and not mean it

    68.  Publicly ridicule someone wearing Ugz

    69.  Make someones day

    70.  Cook myself an awsome meal without setting anything on fire

    71.  Parallel park

    72.  Plant a tree

    73.  Catch up with an old friend

    74.  Push all in pre-flop while playing Texas Hold'em; with the worst statistical hand in the game (7,2 off suit)

    75.  Read My Life

    76.  Jump out of an airplane

    77.  Get a shutout (ice hockey)

    78.  Learn a new language

    79.  Dance in the street

    80.  Scream at the top of my lungs

    81.  Purchase stock

    82.  Go to the symphony

    83.  Become a sharpshooter

    84.  Teach an old dog a new trick

    85.  Take a ride in a limo

    86.  Visit Swarthmore College

    87.  Reduce the number of clothes I own

    88.  Purchase another pair of blocker sunglasses ([SEATTLE, WA 03APR05] Purchased silver blockers with black tinted lenses)

    89.  Purchase a copy of Donnie Darko ([LAKE MARY, WA, 27MAR05] Purchased Directors Cut, 2 Disc DVD)

    90.  Go sailing

    91.  Learn the nicknames of all the US states

    92.  Buy a car

    93.  Join an auto club

    94.  Have an original thought

    95.  Shake my moneymaker

    96.  Openly criticize the Republican platform without first reading it (that means you Jeb)

    97.  Seduce a celebrity

    98.  Make a video diary

    99.  Go to a four star restaurant and order the most expensive thing on the menu

    100.  Go to a fast food restaurant and order the least expensive thing on the menu

    101.  Save someones life


Anonymous rappy said...

What an awesome list!

No. 1 is your "you had me at hello". I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that one.

2:01 AM  
Blogger David said...

BIG Dave says, all right!!!!!

I like to seduce celebrities....


9:44 AM  
Blogger Highwaygirl said...

Oh hey, Rappy is here - hopefully my friends understand that BEN is MINE.

The first one made me laugh, too. Nice start. I also love numbers:

9 (want! to do! too!)
35 (so random, even for you)
57 (so many possibilities)
74 (I got excited just reading this one)
94 (you've already done this, cross it off)

And you've reminded me that I need to update my own list.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Highwaygirl said...

On second thought, with #89, I can just burn you a copy if you're going to continue being lazy and contrary and not actually buying it yourself. I'm always happy to contribute to the deliquency of a major.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Karyn said...

So yeah, Ben, I was trying to think of somethign to blog so I thought about this post and I started my own 101 in 1,001. And then I came and read your list when I got stuck on mine, maybe for some light bulb moments, and half of what I've gotten on my list is already on your list, at least in some form.

I suck.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Cupcake said...

Hmm, I have completed the following on your list within the past three years (unless otherwise noted).
14 (cheap).
27 (inadvertantly).
31 (10 years ago).
32 (boy).
82 (then got thrown out).
86 (six years ago).

11:17 AM  

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